‘I can see a woman crying and loads of different shapes. I can see a Woman with part of her mouth, a chin, and around her mouth are fingers. I can see a head and different colours. I can see a woman that’s dressed in all different colours; there are loads of different colours in different parts of the picture. I can see different colours shapes and feelings in the picture. I can see lots of bright colours. I can see all the shapes that make up parts of the face. It looks like she’s in a house and that...I can see all triangles it is making her face look sad. I can see the half the bottom half of her legs and its like a mirror. I can see patterns on what looks like a T-shirt. Looks a like a man’s face a bit. It looks like woman’s accessories and that. It does a bit. I can see a big hat. I can see all different shapes on the face - the long face. I can see that she looks scared because she doesn’t like the dark. And worried. Yeah worried. Terrified. Horrified. Like she’s seen something that she would never wanna see again. Gobsmacked…like she has just seen a ghost or something. Like gobsmacked isn’t she? Lost for words. She looks like she just discovered something and she regrets it. She’s worried because something might happen to her. She’s worried she’s done something wrong. It’s like she’s biting her nails a bit. Normally when your nervous you bite your nails. Or when your worried. Eating a tissue or something. Something is going to happen to her. There’s tears coming out of her eyes just were the triangles are. And it’s purple isn’t it? Purple tears. And you can see one where it’s like the colour of her skin. It’s like orange and it’s on the right hand side. It has different colours. Pink and purple and orange and blue, vanilla. It looks like someone is coming for her. There’s all different combined colours, deep purple, pink and blue. It looks like she’s been to a wedding and she’s got lonely. Or she went to a wedding and she’s done something wrong like, to somebody or something. She got abandoned. She regrets what she’s done. No one likes her. People are scared of her, like you know they don’t want to be with her. Because she’s born beautiful. Owes money. Or because she’s like that, she earns more money and people are jealous so they don’t want to be her friend. Lonely and afraid and gutted. She might be lonely because she looks like that. And all the other people are scared. It doesn’t look like it’s human, it looks like it’s sort of other, I think. Her best friend might of passed away. I think she’s been to a funeral because she’s dressed like that. Yeah but you wouldn’t wear a red hat.  Or she’s got a tissue cause she’s going to sneeze. Or her partner left her or something. Or as Thomas said she went to a funeral in black and she’s crying blowing her nose into a tissue because her best fiend or someone has passed away. Her husband. Or she is begging because someone is dead. Or because her husband was like ill and he has passed away she’s lonely. Because it looks like she’s lonely. Maybe someone’s died in her family and she’s seeing them dying. And she was crying because she loves her family. Her mum could’ve passed away. Or something horrible could’ve just happened. It looks like she’s just seen a ghost or something. Maybe she regrets something that she has done. Like she’s praying to god, or she has just killed someone and they’ve come back to see her and she’s horrified because she sees the ghost. Or maybe she is a ghost because she’s different to most humans. Maybe she is a ghost. Maybe she’s not human or anything. Maybe its old people bought together in one human. Maybe she died at night. Maybe she’s a ghost and she just got recognised and she’s lonely. Her best friend might have had a car crash and she’s waiting for her to pass away. Or she’s waiting for someone and times passed a couple of hours have passed and they still haven‘t come so she gets worried. Or the thing that looks like a tissue could be something I don’t know a letter or something like that or a million dollar bill or a million pound bill, and she cannot pay it all. Maybe she got a soul stuck in her mouth like when you read books and souls go in your mouth. She could’ve got a letter, something saying ‘I know your husband has been killed in the war’ and that’s why she screwing the letter. Maybe Picasso just wanted to do a colourful picture that is different from most pictures like. Unless it was based on a real person. And he drew it like, that is how they would feel inside. Like their feelings. Because most artists just draw people. He would draw and paint how people feel. Yeah because he puts down how people feel, he just thought that’s how he might feel inside. It could be inside emotions. That could have been a friend and that friend had a bad moment. Someone could’ve posted a letter saying your next. Her mum was horrible and she wrote a letter saying ‘I’m coming for you’ or something. She could just be sad about life because sad people show their emotions. She might just be lonely anyway. She might have a step mum who wrote her a letter saying ‘Your next’ and her step mum was like whips them and that. Evil. Or the other way around. Why is she crying? What’s the matter? Did she go to the funeral? Where do you come from? Why have you got fingers on your face like that? Say, where did you get your hat from? Say, what’s up? And, are you scared? She could be weeping because she’s one of them people who cry a lot. You know she cries when she laughs. Or she’s just mental. I don’t think anyone mental would go like that. She is scared of the devil and what it does to people and that. She might be watching someone evil. Maybe she is happy and she is crying. Yeah crying with laughter. Tears of happiness. Her husband just came home from the war and he is alive. So she is crying for joy. It could be anything. When people win the X-factor they cry like they are sad but they cry because they are full of joy. Maybe she is crying because she is happy because someone bought her a sports car. Or she is just happy.’



Rineka Dijkstra I can see a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman) 2009